May 19 17 1:18 PM

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The question in question.

I found myself in a nearly identical situation last year. Even though I'd interned for my first four months, and even though I saw a lot of problems in the department, the changes discussed around the time I was getting hired full time gave me hope in the future.

Four months later I was depressed and stressed, wanting to do anything I could to leave. I applied for, and didn't get, a few jobs, but decided to put that on pause for a number of reasons.

I wish I could've left then. But I didn't. So, six months later I found myself desperately applying for different jobs There was one position that I believed would be perfect for me, but I didn't get it, and so my interest in job searching quickly fell. Besides, if I waited just a little bit longer, I could quit after my husband got a full-time job. 

I felt very prompted to take this job, but it wasn't a good long term fit for me. My parents were not keen on the idea of me "job hopping" and thought I should stick it out at least a year; I don't think that's always good advice. Usually you can get a sense for when you're just being flighty, and if you're not, it's much better for your mental health to find something else. There's a decent chance that my work is contributing to my anxiety and depression, and I can definitely tell you it's not worth holding out just for the sake of hold out. Look for something new and try to quit as soon as you can.